LiquidNano Glass Screen Protector


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LiquidNano invisible liquid glass coating is designed to protect any mobile device glass. Designed engineered and formulated in Germany, LiquidNano utilizes the most advanced nanotechnology available today to deliver optimal screen protection performance, from easy durable “wipe – on” coatings to ultra – tough military grade coatings. With one easy application, your mobile device screen will increase in strength resulting in amongst other things (see bullet points) a 33% increase in shatter resistance and 95% increase in scratch resistance. The coating which is completely invisible and bubble free.

  • Compatible with all mobile device screens, including phones, tablets and smart watches
  • Increases screen strength to 9H hardness, scratch resistance increased by 95% and shatter resistance increased by 33%
  • German engineered, eco – friendly non – toxic formula, blocks 80% Y wave radiation, completely invisible once applied
  • Easy wipe – on DIY application, that’s bubble free and lasts 1 year
  • Compatible with all tablets, smart watches and phones